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Ports and Harbours

Metool has supplied cable reels for Ports and Harbours for over 50 years. Today it specialises in replacement of reels to the port authorities or owners rather than the supply to OEM manufacturers. With its Vectorq reeling system, Metool Reels is able to offer the very best system for horizontal recovery applications as required on most ports and harbour applications.

Port operators can rely on the Vectorq reeling system to provide the productivity they need without worrying about maintenance.

Case Study: Belfast Harbour

Belfast Port Authority decided in 2009 to replace the two Metool cable reels that had been in service for 25 years with new Vectorq reels.

These new reels replaced reels fitted with the Metool TR33 drive.

The work was undertaken by the Metool Reels At Site team and involved not only the replacement of the reel but also the supply and installation of ladders and platforms for access.

As a spokesman for Belfast Harbour said "We are delighted with the operation of these new reels. The Metool team were very professional from first survey to final commissioning. We feel we have the equipment to last us a further 25 years! We will certainly use them again on future projects."


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" Vectorq Cable Reel System in Horizontal Recovery Applications"

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