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Theatres and Concert Halls

Cable reels with spring powered automatic rewind provides a convenient way of supplying

moving appliances with electrical energy.

The range of equipment supplied by Metool Reeling Products Ltd for Theatres, Concert Halls

and similar venues has been designed and developed with the benefit of over 50years


in this field. There are numerous installations of our equipment working very successfully in

many countries worldwide

The reels can be built to suit the various requirements of modern day venues i.e lighting,

ethernet, DMX,speakers etc. This is achieved by varying the slipring assembly within the reel

to suit the requirement of the customer (i.e Gold on Gold slipring assembly for ethernet applications).


Case Study No. 1: Royal Albert Hall

Metool Reeling Products have recently completed an installation of cable reels in the dome

of the Royal Albert Hall in London. The installation consisted of a large number of our SC75


carrying up to 40M of 18C cable to provide power to the lighting bars and also a number of

our SC30 reels fitted with special Gold on Gold slipring capsules to provide Ethernet signals

to the lighting Bars.

Due to space restrictions the SC75 cable reels were supplied as a kit of parts and the Metool installation team assembled the reels in their final position.

The reels were finished to our standard Poppy Red powder coat finish




Case Study No. 2: Greighallen – Bergen – Norway

Metool Reeling Products are pleased to have supplied a number of cable reels to

ATEA for the Greighallen in Bergen, Norway. Following discussions with the

consultants for this project our supply consisted of:

15 SC75 type reels carrying 30M of a 36C cable to supply power to the lighting trusses.

10 SC30 type reels with Gold on Gold slipring capsules and 31M of a cat 5e reeling cable to provide the controls.

2 SC40 type reels complete with 18C cable to provide further power requirements.

These reels were completed to our Black powder coated finish which we use as a optional finish for all reels to be used in Theatres.


Whatever your theatres requirements, please contact us to discuss suitable cable reeling options.








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