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Offshore Rigs

Metool Reels specialises in cable reels for use on water towers on jackup rigs. whether it is a simple motorised storage reel or an active reel with no manual intervention, then Metool Reels can supply to your requirements. With its Vectorq reeling systems, Metool Reels is able to offer fully automated cable reels for the application that works automatically when the water tower motors are powered up.

Whether it is cable reels for new-built rigs or replacement of  non-motorised or unsatisfactory installations on existing rigs, contact Metool Reels for full advice.

Jackup operators can rely on the Vectorq reeling systems to provide the productivity they need without worrying about maintenance.

Case Study: Maersk XL Enhanced Rigs 1 & 2

Keppel FELS, in Singapore, selected Metool Reels to provide 12 units for water tower applications for the rigs for Maersk.

Case Study: Seadrill - West Linus CJ70 Rig

Jurong Shipyard in Singapore selected Metool reels to provide 6 cable reels to service the Raw Water Pumps on the West Linus Rig. This is to be the largest Jack up Rig built to date

and Metool Reeling were happy to provide them with reels fitted with our most up to date Vectorq drive system, making the reels operational by one man based at a remote location.


















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